Dr. Chow has got the lightest feather touch I ever thought was possible! My family and I have been going to Dr. Chow since the beginning and I highly recommend him – I have always been completely satisfied with Dr. Chow’s work and dedication to the care of his patients! I can’t say enough about how he goes the extra mile and his very caring and giving attitude. If you want someone who is extremely kind, gentle, and with great expertise, please go see Dr. Chow!

My family and I have been with Dr Chow since he stared at this office a long time ago. Dr Chow is likely the world’s most gentle dentist. For example I have difficulty telling if he has given me freezing or is still looking for the right spot. I have several times nodded off in the chair while Dr Chow was working in my mouth. I have very strong gagging reflexes, but Dr Chow is always careful so that this is not really a problem. Due to the 70km return trip to the dental office our then teenage children once tried a local dentist, but decided quickly that the long trip to Dr Chow was really worth it. We have not had any occasions when work had to be redone or adjusted afterwards. There have been several difference hygienists over the years, and most of them are also very gentle. If going to the dentist is not your favourite activity, then Dr Chow’s office would be the place to go. For me, going to Dr Chow means a bit of rest and relaxation.

Nobody particularly looks forward to going to the dentist but Dr. Chou is the best dentist that I have been to. I have had several dental procedures over the years and his concern for patient comfort is paramount. I also have had no issues with the quality of the dental work.as I have had with other dentists. I would strongly recommend Dr. Chou and his staff for dental care.

I’m not a great lover of going to the Dentist but I really appreciate skill from my preferred service providers. Dr. Sidney Chow is a skillful dentist. He is diligent and thorough but I really appreciate how he takes the time to ensure that the dental work performs well. Today I had a filling replaced and he ensured I left with a tooth that looked good and that worked as well as an all natural tooth. Really skillful dentistry is work that is looks good and that performs well and you’ll have that experience at Oakmount Dental.